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Guard Security Services

Property and personal safety are strengthened further by Guardforce’s professional guards. Our guards have been extensively screened, and their background and quality have been comprehensively assessed. The guards undergo intensive training before assuming responsibilities in accordance with our customers’ security requirements. We offer security services for high-end products. The professional appearance of our guards certainly matches our customers’ company image.

1) Sentry Guard

Guardforce’s professional guards protect people and property in various industries, including commercial and residential housing. Our service plan is flexible and adapted to long-term demands or special occasions.

2) Large Event Security Management

Guardforce also provide comprehensive security plan for large events or private parties. As a leader in security services, we guarantee safe and smooth progress of large events thanks to our strong human resources, experience and abilities. We provide security planning, human flow control and guard services. According to different occasions, our guards are dressed appropriately to suit various occasions, and are either in uniform or casual attire while working.

3) Alarm Handling and Key Trust Service

When an alarm is triggered, Guardforce’s alarm response team acts promptly and assesses the severity of the situation, and takes appropriate measures. Our key trust service enables us to store office keys and keys to other special facilities for our customers. If an alarm system from a particular site goes off, our customer-authorized staff gain access to the relevant site, confirm the reasons for alarm, and notify relevant organizations if required.

4) Mobile Patrol Service

Guardforce provides flexible and cost-effective mobile patrol services according to the security level, time and frequency required by customers. Before offering our service, our special personnel are sent to inquire and assess a customer’s needs to ensure that our service covers every possible risk.    

5) Local Guard Service

Guardforce’s professional guards protect people and property through flexible long-term or individualized services for commercial or residential housing.

6) Gurkha Security Service

Guardforce’s elite Gurkha security team has undergone rigorous training by expert forces, and have the professional experience required to handle emergencies or high-level security tasks.

7) Protecting VIP Customers

Guardforce’s independent professional guard team is highly experienced, and project an appearance that matches our customers’ VIP status. They are ideal for protecting VIPs and their property.

8) Event Security Service

Guardforce’s event security planning, human flow control and guards (adapted to different occasions, either in uniform or casually dressed) are geared for providing complete security for large scale events or private parties, thereby ensuring safety and smooth progress of such events.

9) Alarm Monitoring 

We monitor alarm systems, conduct assessments on receiving an alarm signal and direct guards to take appropriate action on behalf of our customers. Upon authorization from customers, we send staff to relevant sites, check the situation or notify relevant law enforcement authorities on behalf of our customers.