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Cash Logistics Management Service

With highly trained employees and professional armored vehicles, Guardforce has led cash logistics management service in Asia since 1977. Professional and experienced Guardforce employees provide safe and reliable cash management and delivery services including:

1) Door-to-Door Cash Logistics Management 

Guardforce offers reliable services

As the leader of Hong Kong’s cash logistics management, Guardforce offers comprehensive cash and valuables collection and delivery services, which are reliable and safe, and lower delivery risk and insurance fees, thereby directly benefitting customers.

We have a professional cash logistics management team complete with high quality security equipment, as well as over 100 armored vehicles that enable us to provide efficient and safe services to financial institutions, retail chains and government agencies.

2) ATM Management

Providing ATM logistics solution for financial institutions

Guardforce offers comprehensive ATM management services, helps banks and financial institutions optimize ATM services and accelerate network growth.

Our comprehensive services include:

Cash supplement

Checks collection and delivery

Deposit envelope collection and handling

Alarm handling

Emergency repair service

With our ATM management service, we offer a reliable, safe and cost-effective solution to financial institutions, and help customers strengthen their competitiveness in their core businesses.

3) Coin Supply and Handling  

Outsourcing logistics department for assistance

Exchanging and counting coins is time consuming, greatly increasing employees’ workload and decreasing time spent in core activities.

With the coin supply and handling service, Guardforce offers coins to stores to meet their daily business needs. We have advanced technologies to ensure precise, safe and quick handling of a large number of coins, thereby helping customers distribute human resources to core activities.

4) Outsourcing Treasury Management

Unique treasury expert in market

As a unique security expert offering outsourcing treasury service in Hong Kong, Guardforce has vast experience in treasury management.

Through our treasury management outsourcing service, we help banks manage cash forecasting, collection, handling and emergency cash supply. Our bank cash handling method is strictly consistent with cash deposit standards of the issuing bank, and all cash and valuables are stored in international standard vaults.

5) Cash Handling

Safe and efficient cash management service

Through its one-stop cash management service, Guardforce is dedicated to reducing bank administrative fees, lowering operational risks and cost, and increasing customers’ operational strengths.

Our teams have rich experience and have been selected through stringent selection processes. The entire handling flow is carried out in the Cash Handling Center with a highly safe system.

We offer professional accounting and management reports based on our customers’ requirements

6) Automatic Deposit Machine Solution  

Convenient and safe cash handling

By combining science and technology, knowledge and experience, Guardforce offers an automatic solution that covers the entire cash handling (including technology supply) workflow, helping customers improve cash handling and accounting efficiency.

Our cash deposit management solution satisfies different demands of retailers and financial institutions, including:

Handling great amounts of daily cash

Instant cash settlement and checking cash amount in store

Simplifying operation procedure

Lowering risks resulting from cash handling by store staff

Through advanced software and customized high-end technologies, our solution covers the entire cash handling process, right from supply of cash deposit machines, to cash collection, handling and cash deposit, to meet the needs of our customers.